New theme: factory #9

We have a new theme!
This new theme is called ‘Factory #9’, whose design is inspired by an old factory.
It features a fully responsive layout and the zoom-in and out function.

theme "factory #9"
theme “factory #9”


  1. Know exactly what you want!
    Why do you want to create something!

  1. Never rush!
    Take your time, even if it takes days, weeks or even months. Work at your own tempo ‘cos if you are in a hurry you can miss the important moments of the process.

  1. A creative process requires concentration!
    Don’t let other people or circumstances get in the way of your creativity. Turn off the phone or door bell, postpone or do in advance non-urgent but important things, delegate the unimportant and non-urgent things to others.

  1. Support and cherish your ideas!
    Never ever think that you are not good enough at what you are creating!

  1. Create with big pleasure or because you want to explain your feelings and emotions with your artistic ability!

  1. Don’t be afraid to start!
    If you still do, try to analyze what causes all these deep fears and what you should do to improve the situation.

  1. Don’t hesitate to write to me, to Foliovilla if you have some artistic problems or questions!
    One head is good but two heads are better! This way we can support each other on our long artistic journey!!!

What is the difference between Foliovilla and other social media and art communities?

As creative professionals, using social media is a great way to promote their works. But they definitely also need their own websites. Here is an interesting article about why every artist needs a virtual space to call their own.

For the past many years, we’ve been watching all our creatives/artists friends (including ourselves) about how they used internet to promote their works. And we discovered a few major problems for them. Some of them had their own websites, but the traffic were really poor; while some of them didn’t have their own websites at all because it was rather expensive to make one; and those who used social medias such as facebook, twitter, etc found out that no matter how hard they tried to make their public walls full of fresh content, still quite few people had reached their posts…

Foliovilla’s existence is to solve all those problems. With Foliovilla, the users just need to submit their creative works, and their portfolio websites are simultaneously formed. And this portfolio website is completely his/her own website, it can has its own domain name and own design. In this way, the users can have their professional websites, meanwhile their creative works and portfolio websites are being viewed, favoured, commented and promoted within the Foliovilla community.

Foliovilla provides a very easy to use tool for the users to customise the design of their portfolio sites, and also provides the service to help the users to build a made-to-order design for their sites.
Although there are many great portfolio website builders out there (,, …), but if you really want something completely according to your own idea and thus become your own identity, you probably still need to ask a coding professional. In this case, you simply have to contact Foliovilla, send us some sketch of your ideas, or just pass by our office if you live in the neigbourhood, and we will provide you a most practical solution. Since we have been working specially for creative people for years, we have developed a system to reduce your cost and meanwhile provide a better service.

How to get my works discovered?

This question involves many factors.

Generally speaking, since we are a community, the more active you are, the more you will get noticed. So try to leave more comments to the works that interest you.

Don’t be shy, show more of your works. The one who submitted 100 pieces of creative works has more chance to be discovered than the one who has only 3 pieces.

Try to give each piece of your work a caption and a brief description. This will greatly increase the chance that your work will be found by key word searching.

Sharing your works to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc… is a good way to promote your works as well.

How can I customize my website design?

You can customise your website design on the admin panel -> customise page. Here you will be able to manipulate the site logo, change the element colors, font type and size, or change the background image of your site.

If you need a made-to-order design, you may hire a foliovilla designer/developer. The normal cost for a made-to-order design is around 300 €, depending on how complex your request is.

You may send your request to, or simply use the order form in the control panel of your account, and you will receive an reply in a few hours.

Here are an example of a made-to-order porfolio website:

I don’t want my premium membership any more. Can I get refund?

Yes. You may canel your premium subscription at any time you want. You pay for the periode that you have spent plus 18 euro cancellation fee, and the rest amount will be refunded to you.

The domain name that you have ordered by foliovilla remains your own property until it expires. You can transfer it to other hosting or point it to a certain website.

To cancel your premium account, please send your request to We will do the necessary for you.

I have my domain name purchased by another company, can I use it to my foliovilla site?

It depends on if your domain provider support domain pointing service.
If yes, you need to point your domain to a certain IP address which represents your portfolio website. You can request your IP address by sending an Email to, in your email you must provide your domain name.

However the easist way is to transfer your domain name to foliovilla. Send an Email to and we will guide you step by step for the domain transfer.