Who are we ?  


Studio Baj is Jasper Vandenberghe and Wang Fan, collaborating into one jewelry design Studio. 


What can you find here? 


Jasper: you can find creations that formed him into the designer he is today...


Fan:  you can find creations that formed her to the designer that she is today.


Studio Baj: creations they designed together 


Experiment - able: the place to be for new work created by Jasper


What does Baj stand for?


baj is a wordplay from the Chinese word bai, which means pure, simple, white. We have chosen this name, because we feel it expresses how we think and create jewelry.  Our logo is the Chinese character Bai, which looks like a steady house to put our collections under.   




Personal Information 

Jasper Vandenberghe 
Born : 1988 august 16
Gsm (+032)486873939
Email :

Fan Wang 
Born : 1989 Decembre 18
Gsm (+032)488207988