Traditional artist/Illustrator-Bucharest

*studying architecture at "Ion Mincu"University of architecture and urban planning 





Draw on Raw Exhibition by 200 works one space-Lemonart Gallery Berlin,Germany-12 October-8 November 2016

Puls Project Exhibition "Simte Bucurestiul"- Pura Vida Hub Bucharest,Romania 17-25 November 2016



 Published artwork in print and online 


2017-Matchday magazine September issue

2017-Matchday magazine June issue

2017-Matchday magazine March issue

2017-Sheer Chemistry

2015-Book-Langushing in lyrics by Sid Wright

2014-Milk X magazine online

2013-Book-The further contemplations of a nobody by Sid Wright

2012-Book-The contemplations of a nobody by Sid Wright