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We define Foliovilla as the artist website. It is a tool developed specially for creative people to build their own portfolio websites. Our goal is to provide the creatives with the best tool to promote their artworks through internet, instead of presenting several well decorated static pages, we think of every possibility to let more people see the artists and their artworks.

Foliovilla is founded by artists, so it knows well what artists need. Big or small, we polish every detail of our platform to provide a perfect result for each single site created with foliovilla. Each website should look clean, elegant and unique.

We know that artists work with their heart and soul, and we admire that. This empowers us to have the passion to make Foliovilla as easy to use as possible and as affordable as possible.

Foliovilla will never stop growing. The technology is changing fast, and we will never stop adapting to keep our service up to date. Our passion for art and our respect for artists will keep foliovilla growing.

The story

Foliovilla was founded on July 2013 by Sigway Liu. After studying illustration at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp, Sigway started working as a freelance painter and illustrator, meanwhile trying to build a portfolio website to present his artworks online. His wife Zhao Li, asked him to build a website for her artistic jewelry design. In the following months, Sigway built several websites for his artists friends, and he was really enjoying doing so. Sigway understands how artists use their heart and soul to create artworks, and based on the deep admiration and respect, the idea about 'foliovilla' occured in his mind. From that moment on, Sigway played less and less computer games... With the support of Sigway's talented friends, 2 years later on a sunny afternoon, 'foliovilla' came online.

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