Romanian traditional artist/illustrator based in Bucharest, studing art and architecture.("Ion Mincu "University of Urban planning and architecture)


The love for art started since childhood , inspired by the grandfather and together with the cousins spending the summers exploring the nature and the green fields in the south of Romania.

Ever since, drawing and painting has been present in the exploration of observing  and learning traditional techniques and experimenting with all kind of tools such as coffee,inks,watercolors,acrylics,glitter and floral petals.






Draw on Raw Exhibition by 200 works one space-Lemonart Gallery Berlin,Germany-12 October-8 November 2016

Puls Project Exhibition "Simte Bucurestiul"- Pura Vida Hub Bucharest,Romania 17-25 November 2016



 Published artwork in print and online 

2018- Matchday magazine 03-06-09-12 issue

2017-LOULOU the brand

2017-Matchday magazine September issue

2017-Matchday magazine June issue

2017-Matchday magazine March issue

2017-Sheer Chemistry

2015-Book-Langushing in lyrics by Sid Wright

2014-Milk X magazine online

2013-Book-The further contemplations of a nobody by Sid Wright

2012-Book-The contemplations of a nobody by Sid Wright